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RSR Front Bumper Styling for the Audi A4 / S4 B5

UBERHÄUS logoThe RSR look from UBERHÄUS of Europe is in LLTek's warehouse. This design was developed and tuned to LLTek specifications. The final look is based on discussions and interviews with hundreds of Audi A4 (B5) enthusiasts, most particularly S4 owners. The close cooperation from UBERHÄUS has resulted in big dividends for the purchaser of this benchmark front bumper. ORDER NOW and qualify for LLTeK's LED/DRL $1.00 Big Bumper Bonus plus a set of eyebrows free!

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UBERHÄUS Hi Performance Aero Kit for the Audi A4 S4 B5The "intercooler-friendly" RSR front bumper is part of LLTEK's Big Bumper Bonus that will qualify your Audi A4 or Audi S4 for $1.00 LED /DRL lighting. This offer may be modified or discontinued without notice at any time and applies to retail purchases only. Remember, the bumper is PURIM/RIM!

Probably the most important feature is that the material the product is made of is PURIM/RIM (Poly Urethane Reinforced Injected Molding), a semi-flexible, semi-hard material that all major manufacturers use in their OEM (original equipment manufacturer) bumpers. Therefore a small pressure tap (read smack) should do no serious damage to the bumper, thus ensuring long life. Without question, PURIM/RIM is the material of choice for front bumpers. Also PURIM/RIM is the more friendly material when it comes to appearance and stone-chipping because it is not a "rigid" structure.

The second most important feature is a "styling methodology" to allow the Audi enthusiast to participate in the final look of the car. This individual custom program is handed to the customer to produce the final styling decisions. So, for the first time, a customer can tune functionality, look and styling of both front and rear bumpers. Top quality materials, individuality and an affordable price makes the UBERHAUS Signature Series RSR design the serious contender in the A4 (B5) and S4 B5 styling category.

Please note that the UBERHÄUS RSR front bumper is no longer in production -
See the Rieger RS4 front bumper here

UBERHÄUS A4 S4 B5 RSR Body Kit Pricing

Part Number Part Description Price
ICRS MESH 3-D Track Style RS Plastic Mesh
Deep dark tint - no need to paint!
image - RS track style mesh
RIEA48D-21S RSLOOK Rear Bumper - Euro Version $622
YT-601201PH piano black glossy frame

Quantum A4 RS Grille Page

silber frame
RS and LLTeK Badging Optional
RIEA48D-19R RSLook Side Skirt - Left
*mesh installation included
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RIEA48D-20R RSLook Side Skirt - Right
*mesh installation included
Click and View 3 Styling Options in Sideskirts
ZENA48D-19 Zender Roof Spoiler $255
ICA48D-06 Conservative RS-Styling trunk deck spoiler $211
KAZA48D-06CF Wheel-to-Wheel Front Splitter in Black Carbon Fiber
Requires Base coat/Clear coat
KAZA48D-05FIB Wheel-to-Wheel Bolt-on Aero Splitter in Composite $188
CAMA48D-10 Headlight Eyebrows (Short Style)
FREE with purchase of RSR front Bumper

For customers outside the USA and Canada who own an S4 or A4 please note that this new bumper design comes with a special device (no extra charge) to allow the bumper to fit on a European version car.

UBERHÄUS Hi Performance Aero Kit for the Audi A4 S4 B5LLTek pursues diversity in its offerings and this all-new Aero Body Kit for Audi's A4 / S4 B5 fits in perfectly with this strategy. The project calls for manufacture in PURIM/RIM - the same type of quality material used on Audi's original front and rear bumpers allowing for greater tolerances in flexibility. Side skirts will feature big box-ends that will meld better with the original Audi design. The RSR Aero package, under development since last year, will include a multi-optioned full front bumper (featuring the long-awaited depression-free license plate area), rear bumper valance and skirts. Now, for the first time, the Audi Enthusiast is offered customised modifications based on the widest set of choices. Innovative and flexible styling features of t he front bumper and rear valance are expected to generate interest from both industry and the Audi Enthusiast's community alike.

The front bumper's lower section features an optional twin air diverter system utilising a real carbon fiber diffuser or alternatively a MatchPaint diffuser in composite. The rear lower valance also features optional styling overlays in real Carbon Fiber plus an optional Carbon Fiber diffuser (rear bumper to be released at a later date).

In keeping with core values at LLTek and UBERHÄUS, design specs stipulated that the co-operative Aero Kit project would incorporate the looks and functionality Audi enthusiasts demand. Owners of the new kit will be able to change the appearance of their car easily with lighting options including integrated HID driving lights or new high performance Halogen fog or daylight systems. The new kit will be part of LLTek's MatchPaint Program. Call LLTek toll-free at 1 888 465 5835 to order with LLTek's limited time special option savings offer.

This Collection of Aero Styling is made available in North America exclusively through LLTek. This introduction into the Audi community - of an entirely fresh set of modifications - represents LLTek's continuing and determined efforts to provide quality and diversity for Audi enthusiasts.

**Specifications and upgrades under continuous review and implementation.
UBERH�US RSR Front Bumber on Audi S4 B5RSR.5 Grill and RSR front bumperRSR Bumper Mesh and Driving Lights DetailCurbside S4 B5 with RSR front bumper

New! Low Profile RS Spoiler for the trunk deck of the A4 B5

RSLOOK Rear Bumper
RSLook Euro Version Bumper and New V3 Skirts
RSLOOK Rear Bumper
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Side Skirt Options from Rieger Tuning

Rieger RSFour Front Bumper and V3 Side Skirts
V3 Side Skirt
Part# RIEA48D-19L
Rieger Kit - Bumper, Skirts, V2 Valance, RS Wing and Roof Spoiler
V1 Side Skirt
Part# RIEA48D-07R
A4 B5 Side Skirts V2
V2 Skirt
Part# RIEA48D-29L
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Questions and Answers
Here is a list of the best and most frequent questions and our answers since we first introduced pictures of the RSR.

Q  1)   I like the new RSR Aero. It has great detail and fresh style. I also like Rieger's RS4 front bumper but have not made a final choice although I lean towards the RSR. I have noticed that the RSR costs more. How do I justify the difference?
A)   We value our relationships with suppliers and customers. Our Rieger RS4 program has always been really active and popular and we shall continue to fully support the product. It's true that the RS4 costs less but by just optioning the RSR with DRL lighting you immediately realise savings and you are immediately ahead with the RSR. We see the RSR as a lower cost product with the incentives but with plenty of extra value:especially PURIM/RIM.

Q  2)   Explain PURIM/RIM again and why is it really better?
A)   No other manufacturer in the world has made a PURIM/RIM front bumper for the Audi A4/S4 B5 platform, but UBERHÄUS did one at our request. LLTek funded the tooling costs and now brings this unique product to all Audi B5 enthusiasts. PURIM/RIM has resilience with built-in flex. But because the impact bar is right behind the the bumper, flex is lowered. Small taps from other cars here should be OK with no breaking. Other manufacturers use either fiberglass or ABS - both of which can crack under a slight pressure hit. Your original bumper, as supplied by Audi, is also made of PURIM/RIM. PURIM/RIM is just the best.

Q  3)   Does the bumper mount the same way as RS4 Rieger?
A)   Actually, the RSR mounts in a similar way but the RSR has two extra unique mounting points on each upper corner to assist in the overall installation and make it easier and faster for the installer. Also these two unique anchor guides are adjustable to guarantee the fender line-up and fitment of the bumper. All RSR bumpers are shipped with mounting instructions.

Q  4)   I already have fog lights so why can't I use my foglights instead of purchasing yours?
A)   Enthusiasts have always used the factory fogs to assist in overall lighting and not just as fog lights. So we decided that a far superior fog or driving light was a bonus. Our hi-performance halogen fogs and driving lights are far superior to the OEMs. They are also 19% larger than the OEM lights with a far better reflector. Alternatively, step up to the genuine HID Xenon driving lights and you will really see the road in a far different manner. In fact, these driving HIDs are stronger in light output and far more focused than Audi's HID headlights. All lighting options are part of the special offer.

Q  5)   How do I handle the headlight washers?
A)   You do it the same way as the Rieger RS4 is done. You make the small openings and re-use your own headlight washer caps. Neither LLTek nor Uberhaus can pre-cut the holes as the washer arms are adjustable and are mounted in slightly different positions depending on the build of the car. But the cap is far larger than the hole so making the hole is easy and covering the hole is easy. But most customers decide not to reuse the washers and go for the smooth look of no caps.

Q  6)    OK, there is no Euro license plate indentation but can I remount a front plate anyway as I am required to do so?
A)   Sure. Just use a nice plate frame (Audi sells a nice carbon look frame) and drill a left and right hole corresponding to your corner plate holes, right into the impact bar. Your plate will never fall off. If you do not need a front plate holder - you will appreciate the new far smoother look which North American Audi enthusiasts have been after since day one.

Q  7)    Is the mesh of the RSR front upper grill the same as the mesh you offer (the large mesh) in the lower 3 grills?
A)   Visually they are very similar but they are not the same. The new upper grill is made (surprise) in PURIM/RIM and features "no hole" for the pop-out release for secondary opening of the hood. Instead a new hidden lever is supplied, to eliminate the hole. The upper PURIM/RIM grill has a dimensionally thick mesh pattern and because it's PURIM/RIM, stone chipping to the grill will be virtually held to nil. The lower large mesh is non-oxidizing "no rust" aluminum. It's dimensionally thinner than the upper mesh because it must be formed to cover the intake openings. In any case, at ten feet the look is uniform and near identical.

Q  8)    I am tired of the traditional louver design at the corners and I kind of like the fresh look of the RSR. But are they functionally better than the Rieger RS4 louvers?
A)   The Rieger louvers are very nice. But they are inboard and some tend to warp from heat as the years go by. The UBERHÄUS louvers are stronger and made in PURIM/RIM and are more outboard. In fact, if you look at the Mercedes Bi-Turbo V12 SL65 (their own SLR McLaren attacker), you will see their corner louver design resembles the new UBERHÄUS design. Of course, the UBERHÄUS design was shown almost a year before the Mercedes design. We believe the new outboard design is the fresh upgrade.

Q  9)   What exactly does intercooler-friendly mean?
A)   It means the maximum amount of space has been created to assist in the installation of hi-performance intercoolers and actually the vent walls can be further shaved for even more room.

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