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rieger tuning body kit link for the A4 B7 Audi

A4 B7 BODY KIT Styling by Rieger
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A4 B7 BODY KIT Styling by Zender
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GRILLES for Audi A4


The Audi B7 8E was the 2006 model bump that some Audi enthusiasts couldn't make up their minds about. The skeptics cried out that it was a deception - that the previous model B6 was built on the 8E chassis also and so the B7 was some kind of cheap knockoff. That's never been true even when you talk about a facelift of a facelift.

The front and rear bumper lines changed, the headlight, the taillights plus a thousand little engineering/design collaborations that never get listed in any sales brochure. The aftermarket designers loved it. There was no need to start from scratch on the skirts or valences because the specs had already been dialed in. LLtek offers styling parts from six sources but the three strongest offerings come from Caractere, Rieger, and Hofele - and you can find aftermarket grilles for your Audi B7 at the links below. Enjoy!

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New Quantum RS Grille
Fitment for RS4, S, and S-Line
(not for A4)

RS grille for B6

image - carbon fiber roof spoiler for Audi A4 B7LLTek has a carbon fiber roof spoiler for your Audi A4 B7 sedan. This item is just in and waiting for your call - lightweight, clearcoated and ready to install.

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