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Body Kit Styling for Audi S5 B8 (2008 - 2011) by Caractere

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image of completed Caractere Audi S5 from Sweden
Euro-styling body kit for the Audi S5 8T - premium quality product and fitment from Caractere.

image logo caractereEarly sales figures were optimistic, reviews were glowing and everything indicates the Audi S5 coupe (and S5 Cabriolet) in the Audi lineup have  a great future.  Keeping pace with these developements and a policy that emphasizes choice, LLTeK presents a third option in styling from Europe. The kit is comprised of  4 basic pieces - front bumper, grill, rear valance and rear wing - (please note the cabriolet will not accept the rear trunk deck spoiler). Options in the kit cover Parktronic (PDC), valance with single / twin exhaust ports and a valence with custom sport mufflers (custom tips included).

The kit is manufactured in PU-RIM (polyurethane injected molding) yielding premium quality product and fitment. Call now - toll-free - at  1 888 465 5835 and get more details from any of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.

Caractere body kit styling for the Audi S5

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S5 Body Kit Styling Description and Pricing Schedule
Image Description Composition Price
caractere front bumper with fogs
CARA58T-01 (B8)
Front Bumper With Fog 08>
Vehicles equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control
Require Bumper Module
PU-RIM $1529
CARA58T-02 (B8) PDC S58T(B8) Front Bumper With Fog & PDC 08>
Vehicles equipped with Adaptive Cruise Control
Require Bumper Module
PU-RIM $1611
CARA58T-13(B8) Module for Bumpers with
Adaptive Cruise Control
Reduced Unit Pricing Shown
Valid with Bumper Purchase Only
caractere rear valence and oem exhaust accomodation
Rear Valance for Audi S5 shown with OEM exhaust.
S5 modification retaining original exhaust
CARA58T-08 (B8
S5 8T (B8) Rear Valance
fitment for 4.2 V8
PU-RIM $1022
caractere sport exhaust option

CARA58T-16 (B8)
S5 8T (B8) Rear Valance
 fitment for V6T and 4.2 V8
includes High Performance Sport Muffler
and Custom Stainless Steel Tips
PU-RIM $2048
Caractere Audi S5 with sportexhaust illustrated
caractere S5 aftermarket grill shown without pdc
CARA58T-10 (B8)
S5 8T (B8) Front Grill NO PDC 08>
fitment with part # CARA58T-01/02 (B8) ONLY
PU-RIM $611
RS5 OEM GunMetal Grille
RIEA58T-50 (B8) GM
RS58T(B8) Front Grill Gun Metal OEM
Requires RIEA58T-53 (B8) Form Core
OEM $1477
Audi RS5 OEM Gloss Black Grille
RIEA58T-51 (B8) GB
RS58T(B8) Front Grill Gloss Black OEM
Requires RIEA58T-53 (B8) Form Core
OEM $1477
RS5 OEM Grille Requirement
>RIEA58T-53 (B8)
RS58T(B8) Front Grille Foam Core
Required to upgrade to Low Profile OEM RS5 Grille RIEa58T-50/51
OEM $99
License Plate Holder
RIEA58T-52 (B8)
RS58T(B8) Plate Frame Gloss Black OEM OEM $188
aftermarket  grille designed for the Audi S5
Quantum Gloss Black Grille
Badging and Rings Optional
Fixed Integral Euro License Plate Bar

ABS $488
For Correct Fitment of Grilles - please specify if your car is USA / Canada car versus European spec!
replacement modification grille for the Audi S5

Quantum Gloss Black Grille
Silber Frame
Badging and Rings Optional
Fixed Integral Euro License Plate Bar

ABS $488
click for enlarged version
Quantum Piano Black RS

  • Fitment for Audi A5 S5 2007 - 2012
  • Euro License Plate Bar on Request
  • LLTeK / RS Badging on Request
  • Rings and Ring Holder Integrated
ABS $699
Caractere front bumpers for the Audi S5 feature RS mesh grillwork

CARA58T-11 (B8) PDC S5 8T (B8) Front Grill WITH PDC 08>
fitment with part # CARA58T-01/02 (B8) ONLY
PU-RIM $688
caractere S5 rear wing styling
CARA58T-12 (B8)
S5 8T (B8) Rear Wing 08>
(cabriolet will not accept this part)
Urethane $557
Audi S5 full profile styling by Caracter
Profile image features Caractere wheel model CW1 in “sterling” finish - available in “graphite” finish also.

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