Audi A8 D3 "RS8p" - v2.0 Bumper Styling
2003 2004 2005

 photo of grill and bumper conversion kit

Fitment for pre-facelift years - 2003, 2004, 2005

RS grillModifications that bump your A8 up one generation!This bumper conversion from Hofele is the sport and speed version of the "Premiere" featuring larger corner vents and RS Mesh. Like the "Premiere" version it can also integrate genuine Audi OEM grills OR LLTeK's recommended exclusive Quantum RS styling grill (seen pictured on the left). The changeover is dramatic in both the RS8p and Premiere versions, with the true difference resting in your personal choice of either more aggressive (Rs8p) or traditional (Premiere). Both bumper versions produce entirely authentic stylings that do not stray towards "extreme." Scroll down and view even more options - i.e. vented front quarter panels, a stainless steel quad tip muffler /rear valence package, plus Led tail lights, wheels, and an electronic air-suspension lowering module. Call with your questions - an LLTeK rep who is an expert in Audi cars can provide you with all the fine detail. LLTeK business hours are Monday through Friday - 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM (ET). Call Toll-Free in North America at 1 888 465 5835 or International at 001 514 733 6333 (GMT -5:00). E-mail works too. Questions?

Project completed by Anderson in Dusseldorf Germany

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One call and your car is one step closer to RS styling.

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German Sport Styling

Audi A8 D3 (before facelift) Body Kit Bumper - RS8p Series Conversion

Line# Part# Description
Item# 1 HFA84E-04 (D3) RS8p Front Bumper 2003-05
Does not include grille - Optional grilles available.
For Use With or Without PDC - Fog Lights includedl --- PRICE $2999
image - completed S8 project

Low to the ground and screaming fast - this Audi S8 looks every bit as fast as it is.

Item# 2
HFA84E-05 (D3)
LED Light Bar Kit 03>05
LED / Fog Lighting option for Bumper HFA84E-04 (D3) --- PRICE $722
RS Eight Before and After
grill pricing and feature photo

Audi A8 D3 (before facelift) Options - RS8p Series Continued

Line# Part# Description
*Conversion Kit can incorporate OEM Parts not included in Price of Bumper
OEM parts may be purchased separately through LLTeK or at your local Audi Dealership.
image grille
Item# 3 HFGRILL-7362-H Hofele RS Grill - NO PDC --- $444
Item# 4 HFGRILL-7362-H Hofele RS Grill - WITH PDC --- $444
Item# 4A HFGRILL-7362-H Chrome Rings --- $77
A8 D3 project completed

Bumper will accomodate LLTek RS Grill or OEM A8 /S8 grills

Item# 5  HFA84E-11 (D3) Rear Valence for Audi A8 D3
(Sports Configuration - Quad Tip) --- PRICE $1539
image of rear valence
Item# 6  HFA84E-12L (D3) Front Left Fender - High Performance Composite --- PRICE $1355
Item# 7  HFA84E-12R (D3) Front Right Fender - High Performance Composite --- PRICE $1355
Carbon/Kevlar fenders provide track look
Item# 8  HFA84E-15 (D3) High Performance Quad Tip
Sport Muffler System - Quattro (Gasoline) --- PRICE $1749
image exhaust mufflers
Item# 9 HFA84E-16 (D3) High Performance Quad Tip
Sport Muffler System Quattro - (Diesel) --- PRICE $1749
image valence and mufflers installed
Item# 10  HFA84E-20 LED Tail Lights for Audi A8 D3 --- PRICE $2399
Image led lighting
Item# 11 IBWA84H-01 (D4) Lowering Module
Only for vehicles with air suspension
Lowering 40mm front and 30mm rear
+/- 20mm fine adjustment after installation --- PRICE $2299
image suspension module wiring and harness connectors
S8 lowered photo

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