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Hofele Body Kit Styling for the Audi S5 B8 (8T)

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oem audi s5 sportback with hofele body kit comparison
Hofele offers body kit styling for the pre-face Audi S5 with fitment for the coupe, cabriolet and sportback
The items listed on this page will fit the prefacelift Audi S5 (2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012)

oem S5 grilleLLTeK is pleased to offer up Hofele's R8-inspired vision of the Audi S5 coupe, cabriolet and sportback 2008 - 2012. Owners of the Audi S5 will have many aftermarket options aside from body kit styling through Hofele: this includes an array of wheels for the Audi S5 suspension and exhaust. Please note that although this conversion will apply across the Audi S5 lineup, there are exceptions (as usual) that will apply to the cabbie and S-Line models. LLTeK representatives will answer questions about aftermarket modifications - call toll-free in North America.

Components list for the R8Look conversion by Hofele for Audi S5

S5 tuners will be pleased to know that the original Audi S5 grille integrates seamlessly with the Hofele front bumper. The list of conversion components below has Audi OEM parts marked with an asterisk*. Cars with adaptive cruise control (distance radar) should not be considered for conversion but Audi models with or without PDC and with or without headlight washers will fit up beautifully using this modification.

Customer Completed - August 2010 - Hofele V10 Images (pop-ups)

audi hofele V10-look a5 s5 rear bumper quad tip exhaust audi by hofele features contrasting custom paint
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Line# Part# Description Price
Line 1 HFA58T-01 (B8) R8 Look Front Bumper NO PDC 6/07> Requires HFA58T-03
Original Fog Lights Cannot Be Used / Not Available For Vehicles With Adaptive Cruise Control
Image 05 Hofele bodykit Audi A5 B8 8T sportback
Line 2 HFA58T-02 (B8) R8 Look Front Bumper WITH PDC 6/07> Requires HFA58T-03
Original Fog Lights Cannot Be Used / Not Available For Vehicles With Adaptive Cruise Control
oem Audi S5 coupe hofele body kit comparison
Aggressive styling package from Hofele for the Audi S5 coupe- OEM stock on left and Hofele-modified on right.
Line 3 HFA58T-03 (B8) * OEM R8 Lamella Mesh (L&R) $433
hofele bumper styling for the Audi S5
OEM RS5 Gloss Black GrilleOEM RS5 GunMetal Grille
Line 4 RIEA58T-50 (B8) GM RS58T(B8) Front Grill Gloss Black
Requires RIEA58T-53 (B8) Form Core
Line 4b RIEA58T-51 (B8) GB RS58T(B8) Front Grill Gun Metal
Requires RIEA58T-53 (B8) Form Core
Line 4c RIEA58T-53 (B8) RS58T(B8) Front Grille Foam Core
Required to upgrade to Low Profile OEM RS5 Grille RIEa58T-50/51 --- Lines 4 & Line 4b
piano black quantum grillesilver frame quantum grille
Line 4d YT-601211PH/GBK Quantum Gloss Black Grille
Badging and Rings Optional
Fixed Integral Euro License Plate Bar
For Correct Fitment of Grilles - please specify if your car is USA / Canada car versus European spec!
Line 4e YT-601211PH/S1/GBK Quantum Gloss Black Grille Silber Frame
Badging and Rings Optional
Fixed Integral Euro License Plate Bar
Line 4f click for enlarged version
Quantum Piano Black RS

  • Fitment for Audi A5 S5 2007 - 2012
  • Euro License Plate Bar on Request
  • LLTeK / RS Badging on Request
  • Rings and Ring Holder Integrated
Line 5 HFA58T-04 (B8)  * Headlamp Washer Covers $77
Line 6 HFA58T-06 (B8) R8 V10 Look Rear Bumper 6/07> Requires HFA58T-07 - R8 V10 Rear Fog Light
Fitment for the Coupe & convertible only
Image 08 Hofele R8 Look for Audi A5 B8 coupe
Line 7 HFA58T-07 (B8) * R8 V10 Rear Fog Light $233
Line 8 HFA58T-08 (B8) Rear Valance (OE Exhaust L&R) $666
Line 9 HFA58T-09 (B8) Rear Valance (OE Exhaust Left Only) $666
No fitment for S-Line Models
Line 10 HFA58T-10 (B8) Rear Valance (SportBack OE Exhaust L&R) $666
Line 11 HFA58T-11 (B8) Rear Valance (SportBack OE Exhaust Left Only $666
Line 12 HFA58T-12 (B8) Side Skirts L&R (Coupe & Cabrio) $1199
Line 13 HFA58T-13 (B8) Side Skirts L&R (Sportback) $1199
Line 14 HFA58T-15 (B8) Side Blades (Coupe) $1166
    audi a5_b8_side_blades_coupe_cabriolet  
Line 15 HFA58T-16 (B8) Side Blades CARBON FIBER (Coupe) $1922
Line 16 HFA58T-20 (B8) RS Exhaust Tips (OEM L&R Tips) 157 x 92 mm $422
Line 17 HFA58T-21 (B8) RS Exhaust Tips (OEM 1L Tip) 157 x 92 mm - Right tip Dummy $577
Line 18 HFA58T-22 (B8) RS Exhaust Tips (OEM 2L Tips)  157 x 92 mm - Right tip Dummy $577
Line 19 HFA58T-23 (B8) RS Quad Sport Muffler System 118x80 mm $1899
 Business hours are 8:30AM to 5:00PM EST Monday through Friday --- International callers can reach LLTeK at 001 514 733 6333 (GMT -5:00).

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