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Body Kit Styling for the North American Sportback Audi A3 8Pa 2005 - 2008

Aero Styling from Caractere for the Audi A3 8P SportbackLLTeK will supply North American tuners with A3 8Pa Sportback Styling Body Kits by Caractere; and LLTeK will continue to grow the Sportback product line in styling and performance accessories. Belgian design & manufacture firm Caractere has long been recognized for the integrity of material, manufacture and finish in their tuning kits. The A3 Sportback kit is every bit an extension of this reputation.

Caractere products are manufactured using a flexible high performance material known as Pu-Rim. Pu-Rim is OEM-grade urethane. More costly...yes, but also the mainstay material of choice in the automotive world. For aftermarket parts, this translates into body work that will stand up to the rigors of the daily drive. The precision of modern injection molding coupled with a successful design legacy make this kit an instant consideration. Call Toll-Free 1 888 465 5835 - an LLTek Rep can answer your questions.

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Caractere Sports Muffler Image Detail
Tip Detail
Part# CARA38P-04
Caractere Spoiler Fog Detail image
Spoiler/Fog Detail
Caractere Spoiler Detail image
Roof Spoiler Detail
Part# CARA38P-06

components for caractere styling - Audi A3 8P sportback

Body Kit Styling Components for the 5-door Audi A3 8Pa

Part# Item Description Price
Caractere Front Spoiler image
Front Spoiler for Fog Lights $953
CARA38P-02 Front Spoiler for No Fog Lights $831

Rear Valence $635
Caractere Rear Valence image
Rear Valence with "Free Flow" Sport Performance Muffler
2.0T FWD
Caractere Sport Grill image
Sport Grill (re-use of chrome frame optional)

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Caractere Styling for the Audi A3 8P
Roof Spoiler with 3rd Brake Light $599
Caractere Sideskirt image
Sideskirts Left & Right $757
"Racing Mesh Schedule"
LL0017 Front Mesh (Small) $66
LL0018 Rear Mesh (Small) $66
LL0019 Front Mesh (Large) $66
LL0020 Rear Mesh (Large) $66
Caractere Wheels for Audi - CW1 Graphite color finish shown     Caractere Wheels for Audi - CW1 Sterling color finish shown

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In North America - Call toll-free now and speak with a friendly and knowledgeable LLTEK Representative!

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