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Body Kit Styling by Rieger - Audi A3 8Pa Sportback 2005 - 2008

Click on any Image and View An Enlarged VersionLLTeK Motorsports and Rieger Tuning have enjoyed a special relationship ever since LLTek And Rieger introduced the RSFour Look (USA version) to Audi A4 B5 Tuners in North America. The same holds true today; LLTek will supply North American Tuners with leading edge body kit styling and components that fit the 5-door North American Audi A3 8P Sportback. The Rieger Tuning marque is well known and recognized in tuning circles for design that makes an unmistakable statement about track and speed. The look is consistently sharp, aggressive. The photos below speak for themselves. If you have questions - call now - an LLTek Rep is ready totake your call and provide answers.
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Image 3/4 View of Rieger Bodykit for Audi A3 8P

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Spoiler Detail - Part# RIEA38P-01
Spoiler Detail
Part# RIEA38P-01
Sideskirts - Part #'s RIEA38P-04L 04R
RIEA38P-04L 04R
Rear Spoiler Detail - Part# RIEA38P-07
Rear Spoiler
Part# RIEA38P-07
Spoiler Detail - Part# RIEA38P-01
Spoiler Detail
Part# RIEA38P-01

Image of Rieger Bumper Bodykit Styling for Audi A3 8P
25 years for German tuner - Rieger in 2012 - Clean sharp aggressive styling - global recognition
Rieger Sportback bumper illustrated with Quantum RS Grill

Body Kit Styling Components from Rieger - Street Tuning for the Audi A3 8Pa
Part# Part Description Price
Front Spoiler - Part# RIEA38P-01 
 Front Spoiler
 Front Splitter Available - see RIEA38P-08
Front Bumper - Part# RIEA38P-02 
RIEA38P-02 (A5)
 Front Bumper without Headlight Washers $855 
 RIEA38P-03 (A5)  Front Bumper with Headlight Washers $922 
UHA84E-03 (D3) $777
 RIEA38P-04L  Side Skirt - Left
 includes small mesh
Sideskirts - Part #'s RIEA38P-04L 04R 
 Side Skirt - Right
 includes small mesh
 RIEA38P-05  Rear Valance
 includes choice of large or small mesh
 RIEA38P-07  Rear Spoiler - High Version $399 
 RIEA38P-08  Front Splitter for RIEA38P-01
Special Order Only
 RIEA38P-09  Front Splitter for RIEA38P-01
Carbon Look
Special Order Only
 RIEA38P-10L  Side Skirt (left) - Carbon Look
Special Order Only
 RIEA38P-10R  Side Skirt (right) - Carbon Look
Special Order Only
"RS Mesh Schedule"
 LL00-19  Large Front Mesh $66 
 LL00-20  Large Rear Mesh $66 
Accessory Upgrades for the Audi A3 8Pa Sportback
 KAMA38P-01  Headlamp Covers - Top
Upper and Lower Headlight Accents
 KAMA38P-02  Headlamp Covers - Bottom $99 
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sportback modified by caractere
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