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How To Locate Your BMW’s Paint Code

matchpaint_find_illustrated_xYour OEM paint color code Identification can be found written (or on a printed sticker) in your owner’s manual or on a factory sticker in the engine bay (circled in red). If you do not have access to the manual - your alternative is to pop the hood and look in one of three places in the engine bay area:  1) wheel well (left) , 2) wheel well (right)  or 3) firewall (center).


In our illustration here, we have used a 320i E46 from 2005. The paint code identification sticker is located on the shock absorber housing / wheel well (driver’s side). Making the effort to get this information is essential for LLTeK to provide MatchPaint Service. As you can see from the enlarged photograph below the paint has a specific name (TITANSILBER METALLIC) and a corresponding number (354/7) - again circled in red.  Copy this information verbatim - pass it along to us and the information will be used to find the formula to mix and create the exact correct color.

 LLTeK uses internationally-recognised Herberts Standox paint products to produce results consistent with the original quality standards of your BMW.


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