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Rieger Golf 7 Image Map

Golf Mk 7 Bodykit Styling

golf mk 7 tested by Caractere

Caractere says you can "have your cake and eat it too" (and LLTeK agrees) - the all-new tuning package for the Volkswagen Golf 7 is spoilers, skirts, rear valance with icing in the form of stainles steel exhaust and wheels. There are two versions that look like the same on the surface but actually only share the skirts in common. You can get a closer look here:
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Hofele's Outstanding VW Touareg II

hofele touareg nav iconHofele Design is now shipping all new styling and design for your Touareg II. This new kit breaks the mold with bumper wrap spoilers that break out into fender flares. These pieces up front also retain the original fogs; all in all, the simplicity of design punches way above its weight in terms of transformation. Click the link below and see if this is your new Touareg.

Click for More Details on Touareg II Bodykit by Hofele

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